Points Back on Comment!

We now have a new comment system to let you get ChowBrick points when you leave your comment. 

Here are the rules:
1. The very first three comments on a fresh new listing can get points for each comment. The other will get 4 points per comment
2. Each buyer can comment 2 times and receive points back per day, with NO additional points back for more comments on the same day. (Timer resets in the middle night of GMT+8 Time-Zone)
3. You will get 4 points when other people "like" your comment.
4. Premium members will get double points on all the actions above.
5. You need to complete at least 2 orders to be able to leave a comment.
6. Comments are sorted by how many "likes" are received.
7. You can only comment on one listing one time per 3 days. (Timer resets in the middle night of GMT+8 Time-Zone)
8. Replying to other people's comments doesn't get you points, but if other people 'like’ your reply you will still receive the 4 points for each like

9. There is a limit to how many times you can earn points through 'like’.
* On the same day, each buyer's first 1 likes can give points to other customers, the rest can’t. No.3 and No.8 are based on this rule.

Some Notes before you leave a comment:
ChowBrick reserves the right to adjust this points system at any time without prior notice.
ChowBrick has the right to terminate your comment privilege if your comments or your actions contain any of these below:
  - ChowBrick's competitor's name/website address
  - Bad language/attack other buyers.
  - Political comments.
  - Spamming/multiplying the same comments.
  - Post useless comments (like "comment for points", etc.)
  - Cheating (registering multiple alternate accounts and liking the comments that their main account made, etc)

Click here to change your comment setting.

Click here to check the points you get for comments.